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What is a deep cycle battery charger? How should I choose?

In terms of function, there are two or three different types of batteries, and you will meet your ocean dealer. One of them is the marine starting battery (or starting battery), which is used to start the outboard motor of the ship. The starting battery is designed to provide a large current burst for a short time, rather than discharging to a significant level. These batteries have a main purpose: turn the outboard starter, so you can start.

Once started outboard, its alternator will charge the starting battery to compensate for the power provided when starting the motor, as well as any other power required "indoors", including live well or bilge pumps, fish detectors or navigation lights. You should not use a crank battery to power your Minn Kota jet motor; If your battery is rated CCA (cold rocker amplifier) or MCA (marine rocker amplifier), it is not designed for use with your spray motor and should be avoided.

The real deep circulating battery provides the best power for the watering can motor. This battery is designed to provide low to medium current for a long time, and its discharge depth is much deeper than that of similar marine starting batteries. In addition, the deep cycle battery charger is designed to withstand a large number of deep discharge/charging cycles, just like the multiple seasons that power your Minn Kota motor. The key factor to consider when selecting deep cycle batteries is their reserve capacity - the larger the number here, the more power your battery will provide in the water.

You may also encounter hybrid batteries, or dual-use marine batteries, which may be capable of serving as starting batteries and deep cycling batteries. However, in order to obtain the best trolling motor performance in the long term, it is planned to transfer power from a real deep cycle battery charger to your Minn Kota.

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